Monetize Your Mobile Websites

Hyper is an automated ad platform, which helps websites owners
turn their mobile traffic into a revenue stream.

  • Huge variety of high performing advertising formats
  • 100% impressions monetization with eCPM rates
  • Thousands active compaigns for every vertical
    relevant to your website content
  • Full control over monetization and statistics via
    Dashboard or API
  • Stable payments on monthly or weekly basis
  • Reliable support team 24/7

How to Start

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    Integrate our SDK
    to your mobile app or use our
    Native ads API

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    Create a Placement

    Create a placement and
    choose the right ad unit for

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Hyper Ads for Mobile Websites

Native Ads Feed

Our native platform matches the function and the content
of your websites making mobile advertising more relevant to
your audience and, as a result, providing more then 53% higher
efficiency compared with standart banners.


  • 70% of individuals want to learn about products through content
    rather than through traditional advertising.
  • People view native ads 53% more than banner ads.
  • An astronomical >8% CTR.
  • Native ads that include rich media boost conversation rates
    by up to 60%.
  • Purchase intent is 58% higher with native ads.

Bonus: 71% publishers received no major complaints from readers
for featuring native ads while 29% received minor backlash.

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